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NDB Drummer Signs Endorsement Deal with CANOPUS Drums



February 4, 2020

CANOPUS Drums USA Names Matt Skoda as Young Artist Ambassador

CANOPUS and Matt Skoda to Collaborate and Promote CANOPUS Drums to Youth Market

LAS VEGAS, NV February 4, 2020 – CANOPUS USA has named Nashville drummer and musician, Matt Skoda as its Young Artist Ambassador representing CANOPUS acoustic drums.  This initiative will begin an effort by CANOPUS to increase brand awareness of its product line across an important demographic, young drummers.  CANOPUS is the leading maker of extraordinary acoustic drums, custom built for its artists and clients.  Recently, CANOPUS has added a lower cost line for drummers desiring the quality of a custom kit at value prices.

Joey Klaparda, US Marketing & Sales Executive commented, “CANOPUS has always provided a quality drum experience unmatched by most of our competitors.  I met Matt Skoda during our NAMM2020 show and was impressed with his playing, his passion for drums and his humble and kind demeanor.  After speaking with his father, we discussed developing a relationship with Matt through our artist program and Matt will help by communicating his passion for CANOPUS drums.”

Matt Skoda, who has been honing his craft since the age of four, a full ten years, said, “Since beginning my passion for drumming, I have owned five kits, with four of them still in my studio.  I had been looking to upgrade to a custom drum kit and found CANOPUS during my research.  My dad and I were impressed with the technology of these fantastic acoustic drums and when I played them, it was just like butter.  I was so happy to talk about how I could own a kit for my studio and for my gigging.  The CANOPUS artist program and my desire to talk to young musicians my age was a great match!”

Joey further stated, “Matt exudes a passion for drumming and a desire to be the best he can be as a musician.  He is polite, humble and determined.  He is a great example to share his experience with CANOPUS drums with other young drummers here in the US and worldwide.  And being in Nashville, he has Music City at his feet.  We are pleased to have him as part of our CANOPUS community!”

About CANOPUS Corporation

CANOPUS Drums is one of the leading custom drum builders in the world. Founded by Shinichi Usuda in Japan in 1977, CANOPUS has grown in popularity over time. In part, this is because of the many innovations they have introduced into the world of drumming. Some of our unique products include the Zelkova, made from a hollowed-out tree trunk. CANOPUS features ply shells made of birch, maple, and mahogany.  We also offer selections in acrylic and carbon fiber. No matter which Canopus drum you end up choosing, you can rest assured that we’ll be putting into your hands a product engineered for the best sound.

About Matt Skoda:

Nashville resident, Matt Skoda has been working his craft since his first drum lessons at the age of four.  He continues lessons with drum legends like Rich Redmond of Jason Aldean, Troy Luccketta of Tesla and Todd Sucherman of Styx. Greg Upchurch, the drummer for the band, 3 Doors Down, is his weekly drum instructor and coach. Matthew also plays drums in the Tones, Amplify and his band, the Next Door Boys while also in vocal instruction and music production/writing.

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