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New Single by SKODA

Updated: Jan 18

SKODA have launched their first single, "Who I Am". The band's freshman effort is reflected in the lyrics of the song and epitomizes the coming of age from youth to adulthood and how our life experiences define our being.

SKODA is comprised of founder and drummer Matt Skoda, Derek Kendall on guitars, Kai Foster on bass and Ethan Kress on lead vocals.

Founded in January of 2017 after Matt Skoda put out a call to form the band on the app, Nexdoor, the band was launched as the Next Door Boys. The back story aligned with the effort on Nextdoor and the band has since used the app to recruit other members as well as through their personal associations. As the band has matured, so has their image. The band rebranded to SKODA and have begun to move from doing classic rock and southern rock covers to writing and developing their own unique sound.

Ethan Kress provides the poetic lyrics and the entire band is now contributing both lyrics and musical composition as they have entered the recording studio. Today, the band is working on a total of six originals, including this release and will launch their EP by the same name in late September. Founder Matt Skoda offers his drumming skills and production guidance while in the studio and the entire band has used their collective talents to write, perform and produce their music. The band is signed by Iron Gate Records and published by NDB Publishing Group Company.

Assisted by a committed group of parents and situated in Music City Nashville, SKODA are well positioned with their youthful energy, determination and talent to make it in the music business. With the advent of the pandemic and so many changes in the industry, the band has been woodshedding and focused on developing their catalog of originals. Over the coming months, the band will continue to release new music which will culminate in a release of their first album.

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