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SKODA Releases Album "Wildcard"

SKODA released their full album, "Wildcard" at the end of 2023. The band's original music, recorded in Nashville at Omnisound Studios and in Merida, Mexico at HQ Productions with Iron Gate Records Latin America.

Founded in January of 2017, Matt Skoda offers his drumming skills and production guidance while in the studio and the entire band has used their collective talents to write, perform and produce their music.

Assisted by a committed group of mentors and Iron Gate Records, SKODA are well positioned with their youthful energy, determination and talent to make it in the music business. The band is signed by Iron Gate Records and published by NDB Publishing Group Company.

With the advent of the pandemic and so many changes in the industry, the band has been woodshedding and focused on developing their catalog of originals. We are pleased to offer our first full album for your listening pleasure!

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